Theme: Harmony


A big bang it was that started it-
What began aeons ago goes on and on :
The firmament of suns, stars and planets,
Filling awe and wonder in curious minds.

The Earth is Mother Nature's darling,
A stage for cellular growth,
A seat for origin of species,
An Eden of breathing life and treasures.

The fins, the wings and the the feet
Make Nature's animated fleet
Populating the seas, the hills and the dales
That dot the globe in riotous variety.

Coal, gold, gems and ores of different kinds,
Graphite, granite and silicon of various types
Are the abundant wealth of Nature
Buried in earth's bowels and crusted on its surface.

Endowed with senses six, man, the crown of species
Rests not with just adapting to Nature.
He learns to tap its resources
And yearns to curb its unbridled forces.

Tune in to Nature's harmony,
Throb alive with its basic rhythm,
Break into the mysteries of coded genes,
Synchronize life with Nature's pace
For greater peace and fuller pleasure
Is the target of human genius.


More By  :  Pavalamani Pragasam

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