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I Too Had A Nice Tour


One day, in the class of Trounce, 

In evening, mam came and announced; 
That we would go for a tour, 
To Kushinagar from Gorakhpur.

We all became happy to know that thing, 
We paid hundred bucks to go there; 
I had a major test in Momentum, 
But I left that test to be there.

We reached Trounce at 7'o clock, 
There was already a Kesharwani-Bus; 
We gave our intro in the class to all, 
And then we had our seats in that bus.

Mam was also in the bus, 
We started to play rapid-fire; 
Everybody sang very good songs, 
Like that tour, I had a great desire.

We reached Kushinagar within few hours, 
We went first to the Monument; 
We enjoyed there for an hour, 
We took some snaps at that moment.

Then we went to the Buddha-Museum, 
There we saw things of ancient-time; 
We took some snacks in the park, 
I enjoyed there too with friend's rhyme.

Then we went to the Golden-Temple, 
There we saw fishes and duck; 
We played there Kho-Kho and Kabaddi, 
I thought that I was there due to my great luck.

We went to the restaurant after the game, 
Because we all became so hungry; 
We were very tired and thirsty, 
And the sun was in its highest degree.

We took some cold-drinks there, 
Because there was nothing to eat; 
We charged ourselves with that little, 
Then mam announced to have our seat.

Then we went to the animal's place, 
To wander among the Kusumhi-forest; 
We saw deers and monkeys there, 
With them, I was having a great interest.

We were so happy and then, 
After all, we came back to Gorakhpur; 
My heart was feeling happiness in waves, 
Because, I too had a nice tour. 

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More By  :  Vikas Tripathi

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