Theme: Relationship

Falling For Each Other

There was a time
she wanted to seduce me.
But I was not impressed.
She said, I am too proud
That people say so.
Actually, I am wary of crossing
a self-imposed marker.

Thwarted in the effort
she has gone further afield,
but has not severed the relationship though.
She has found many others
in lieu of me.

That has made me comfortable
as she does not creep on me anymore.

She is a pretentious poet.
As I too dabble in poetry,
she occasionally phones up
to talk poetry.

The other day, we two,
and many of our ilk read poetry
in a function
under request from a society woman.

My pretentious poet friend rang me up to say,
mine was exquisite.
But the talk shifted
and focussed on the society woman.

To tease my poetess friend,
I said, I would love to go on a moon-errand
with the society woman!

This time my poetess friend accused me
telling, all you males are alike!
You drip saliva so easily!

I said, No!
Actually men are very weak.
Certain qualities in women
actually win over bold men!
It could be as trifle as
how the woman
drapes the sari
and holds the pallu!

To this, my poetess friend said,
I too have my admirers.
But, I am not cheap!


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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