Theme: Belief

God Particle


All is He and He is all
All the macros and the micros
Of our intellect--
Physical intelligence,
Metaphysical insights,
All rest on the smallest
Of the smallest building block
That constitutes, 
Shapes and reshapes

The whole of the Universe.
In all particles,
In all molecules
In all atomic
Or s
ub-atomic layers
Of cosmic universe
Vibrates His presence!

In everything, seen or unseen
Felt or unfelt
In all mass or matters
Clustering together
Of particles
That form a shape -

They are enlivened
To radiate all

By the Divine energy
Or pure consciousness

Throbbing behind
Along the whole universal field.

The cosmic omnipresence
Of one divine element
With boundless energy
Perceived or named
Differently though

With physical eyes,
Remains Supreme One
In the realm of metaphysics,
However hard they toil
To put wraps--

Various naming scientific masks
To the fountainhead
Of the unfathomable infinite

Ever-moving energy -
An ever-energetic Absolute Reality!

Image © guistyles


More By  :  Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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