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Caste System

Truth must be told, however bitter,
though it is clever and diplomatic
to put it under wraps sometimes...
There is nothing wrong with the caste system,
a beautiful categorization of society,
till it is maligned and misused,
as it happened in India.

The system is a convenience,
a social order, a division of labour,
to achieving social goals.
But in the hands of clever people,
ill-meaning people, selfish people,
people without farsight,
those with vested interest in mind,
it has seen bad days for a long period of time,
and will continue to do so,
without proper guidance
from the guardians of society.

So the country has seen religious conversion,
and in recent history, reservation based on caste.
The sins continue to visit the society.
In India, skilled workmen are in the bottom-most rung
though in the modern world society they are at the top.

In Japan, they were the third.
Pundits were top in India but second in Jap.
In modern India, they are at par with the skilled people.
Businessmen were third in hierarchy in India but at the bottom in Jap.
The martial people were at the top in Jap but second in India.

In modern India, top army officers are at par
with skilled people and pundits.
Much change has taken place in modern India
Japan got rid of their caste system in three years
but sixty years after independence
we are still trying for an equitable society.

There is nothing wrong in being one of a caste
but the attitude towards each other must change.
Life is a system of interdependence.
None is small, none too big.
Only the mind should not be mean.


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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