Theme: Devotion

Sobbing Sita


An epitome
Of love and sacrifice
Ethos and compassion....

A crusader
For women's liberation
From the patriarchal clutch...

A martyr -
A victim of male-dominated society
Headed by Ram, an ideal man claimed by many...

A daughter
Of Mithila - a spiritual land
Inundated in her tears - floods even today...

A mother
Rearing her loving twins -
To challenge their father's so-called  ideals...

A wife
Who laid her modest life
To teach her husband a lesson of repentence....

A chant
Pregnant with  tremendous energy
Sadly, remains unchanted in her own land- Mithila...

A soul's call
For some glorious rescue
As she is fading into obsecurity due to ignorance...

A name
Defeated in her own land of birth
By Radha, a tresspasser from a distant  land....

Oh, Sitey!
Yours is an  infinite space of utmost reverence
Transcending the wold of all thoughts and philosophy;
You are a be-all-end-all of all the spiritual perspective
Tested by the crude politics of the time
Even Rama had to feel demoralised and humiliated
by the purity of the heart and soul of a Maithilani -YOU
A fountainhead of all primordial energies - Shakti.


Image © Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar


More By  :  Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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