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On Resuming Lost Mood!

All thoughts lingering on day to day matters
Best of mood never comes to do anything fine
Casting aspersion over my ability to do better!
Delight disappears sans mood of zeal sometimes;
Elite intellectuals again and again see favourite
Fort of thoughts inspiring mood to grandeur
Gamut of rich ideas clustering around truth!

High flying birds like Skylark sing songs natural
Ignoring watchful eyes appreciating or criticising!
Joyful experience in high place sustains heart;
Kaleidoscopic designs colourfully appear beautiful
Like love inspiring as Nature cheering with flowers
Making mind, heart and soul submerged in sublimity!

Nostalgia of best moments in life enjoyed comes
Off and on, making one forget unfortunate situations
Perpetuating cherished dreams to be realised soon!
Quixotic interferences by dolts spoil mood and time;
Restoring mood to the best of interest resumes all
Superseding lost opportunities by novel approach!

Thousands of ideas appear and disappear sometimes;
Universe seems to come closer to assess all in nutshell!
Vertical and horizontal exploration to visualise all
Wonders of Nature in a lightning flash disappears!
 X, Y, Z again has to be started from a, b, c on as never
Yearnings of reaching the Ultimate reality subside
Zeroing on the focus that never leaves mind ever!



More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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