Theme: Blues

The Suffering of Radha!


Radha is experiencing sweet painful aches
Is in amorous mood and is teased by three naughty Lords
Moon, the Lord of the night sky
The dear enemy of lovers
Is piercingly touching Radha with his pleasant and cooling rays
And is making her unable to bear the separation from Madhava

The formless Lord of Love who causes
Wounds unseen with his flower-arrows
Is "torturing" Radha, stirring deep emotions
Fanning the flames of intense longing for union with Madhava

Madhava, the Lord of her heart who shares
Heart and sweet and delightful conversations with her
Has not yet arrived at the meeting place
To share her everything
While Radha has reached the spot as Abhisarika
And is waiting, suffering from the pangs of separation and desire
Radha's body and mind are experiencing
Sweet painful aches by the naughtiness of the three Lords

She is wondering with intense feeling:
"We loved each other by exchanging love-jasmine garlands
When will Madhava and the blissful moments arrive
And both of us disrobe ourselves and merge into each other..."

(Original poem in Telugu. Translated into English by the poet.)
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More By  : Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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