Theme: Liberation

The Water Drop on the Lotus leaf!


The dawning of the right knowledge
Is setting of false identities;
Setting in, knowledge dissolves
Worries, fear, sorrow, anxiety and time consciousness;
Bliss, peace, silence and compassion rule the mind
Real identity of "I" takes place;
Ego and related moods, thoughts and feelings
Will be shown their place;
Unsettling relationships give place to pure love
And hatred of any kind disappears
The outside physical world
And its impressions within, the phenomenal world
Though continue to appear
And are cognized and re-cognized,
The mind does not waver or react adversely
Keeps its cool and equanimity;
Dawning of right knowledge
Sets every thing free And sets things right;
Serene detachment becomes trait of mind;
Duties are performed efficiently
Love and affection are shown
And received discretely
And throughout life, mind functions and understands
As a true and dear friend;
Counsels to lead a contented life
What ever might be our state
Dawning of right knowledge
Is the removal of veil of ego, the false identity;
Then onwards knowledge illumines like sun when clouds are dispersed;
Right knowledge is present always
As the brilliant sun up there, day or night;
Fully involved in family and social responsibilities
And discharging them with necessary concern and care,
The mind is clear and confident,
Efficiently functions but not attached
Like the water drop on the lotus leaf
The dawning of right knowledge
Is bliss, peace and silence
Of mind;
The liberated state
Of mind 
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More By  : Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Thank you Mr Ashby for the kind attention and learned and inspiring observation. Yes all spirituality from all religions is same. The essence is as you observed; dissolution or transcending self-consciousness. then we become on with the Divinity within us.

Varanasi Ramabrahmam
21-Jul-2012 00:34 AM

Comment A beautiful poem, with a profound communication: of the 'I' within us that obtains release. Seeing that it is only achieved in self-denial, it matters not who the human subject is, but that it is, and must be, the very same 'I' we each of us partakes in, the one true ego.

In Christian terms, we die to self to become one with Christ, the eternal 'I'. St Paul says: I live not I, Christ lives in me. Galatians:2:20.

20-Jul-2012 21:41 PM

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