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I Am

by Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam
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I am the stream, I am the rivulet
I am the river flowing to the east or the west, south or north
I am the sea, I am the ocean
I am the delightful union of the river and the ocean.

I am the hills, I am the valleys,
I am the peaks of the mountains.
I am the plants,
I am the trees piercing the earth,
I am the black clouds,
I am the incessant down pour,
I am the deafening thunder,
I am the blinding lightening
I am the Sun, I am the Illumination,
I am the moon, I am the pleasant moonlight,
I am the earth holding all life and all the moving and stationary.

I am the green fields,
I am the red flames
I am the flowers full of honey,
I am the sound made by the bees sucking honey.

I am the stone, I am the rock,
I am the ravishing beauty of youthful women,
I am the insect, I am the reptile,
I am the delightful flow of poetry,
I am the bird, I am the Man,
I am the consort of the Nature.

I am the planets, I am the revolutions of planets,
I am the universe, I am the cosmos,
I am the form of all worlds,
I am the holder of the universe in me;
I am the knower, I am the known,
I speak, I understand.

I am the frolic play of boys and girls,
I am the amorous feelings of the youth,
I am the beautiful smiles of the infants and the aged.

All the nature, planets, stars, universe, celestial worlds, cosmos
Are originating, growing and dissolving in me.

I am the liberty, I am the independence, I am the peace,
I am the glow of all life.

Such I am
Cannot be caged
By castes, religions, languages, regions, nationalities,
Ideologies, cultures, cults, isms or fanatic slogans.

Even though arrows are pierced through me,
Swords cut me into pieces; bullets make my body and heart a sieve
Bombs scatter my body parts; tanks roll over me and make me a paste,
Kings, Emperors, Rulers, fanatic religious heads,
Caste leaders, Champions of ideology though stand in rows
Cannot bind me.

All the efforts to annihilate me
Will be consumed by the flames of
My fiery nature


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