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The Shame of Men

Dearest Pallavi Purakayastha,
not just you, Hetal Parekh too,
and Tapasi Malik,
and all those womenfolk
throughout the history of mankind,
I just beg your mercy
because I am a man,
though I am just entering an age
when men are most handsome
not just for their external look,
but when their inside is best
because of their lifelong acquisition of knowledge.

I beg pardon on behalf of all perverted men,
men who do not understand womanhood,
men who do not understand
that their whole life is just a payback time
because they were nurtured
in their mother's womb
with so much expectation,
and love and affection
and later in childhood and adolescence.

Perverts actually smear their parents' faces with filth.
It is one worst apparition
one can have of oneself.
What prompts them to do that
is beyond my comprehension.

Society does punish such perverts,
the worst humans can be.
But I on my part hang my head in shame
and beg pardon of all womankind
like Pallavi, Hetal and Tapasi.

Surely, the perpetrators could never be men?
For, surely, no man can do to any woman,
his motherkind, any harm,
what to talk of heinous acts!


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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