Theme: Life

Rains are Coming


Sleep me,
conceive me like sphagnum;
propel me to essence of death.
Seeing has put me behind the truth, objectively.
Like centipede, fear crawls in deep blind cave
throwing the feelers.
The gene has faltered.
No red lights.
A paw, a blackboard,
white lines message is not clear.

My absent candles are freaking in wormy darkness,
The solitude trying to gather the words.
Listen to time clock.
Past and future.
Present has held the lantern
to see the hands moving.
Sound comes out clearly
from the prophets of galaxies.

I want to catch the winds in my legs
to blast the horror of life,
underside of the gnarled credibility.
The rains are coming...

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More By  :  Satish Verma

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