Theme: Suffering


There glows a mystic blue to indict the world. I can see
In that light kakadadu mops the floor, bent over his knees,
With a rag in hand.  A rat flees; I see With a Broom in hand
kakadadu dusts in porch. Old cracked pillars wherever those are.
Kakadadu is single; nor had he earned money ever.

His sister-in-laws do treat him as their helping hand, barely gets
His meals…
Kakadadu deserted the home single clad. Whereabouts came
After a month and half… his body lies by the side of drain-trench,
One of the lenses in his specs was smashed.

There glows a blue radiance to indict this world, in that light I behold:
kakadadu has come out of drain-canal. Now he reincarnates as a vetki fish.
Swimming tough in the river lest gets caught in fishermen’s net.

O! No! He is caught!  Kakadadu you are destined to be fried gracious and
Eaten in restaurant by your own descendants.
There glows the blue light vindicating all earthly affairs.
I look on in that light:
Kakadadu would reincarnate once again; this time as a kitten in our house.
O Kakadadu! I would keep you inside a shoe-box,
Pet you lots and lots,
Feed you with nice foods daily indeed.


More By  :  Kausik Bhaduri

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