Theme: Catastrophe

Abraham Mourns Syrian Progeny

Aleppo, former Haran was the turf
Of kith and kin of Father Abraham,
To live in and his nameless God to serve,
Till God bade him to move to Canaan.

High on the hill, Aleppo's citadel,
A palace fortress famed in history,
With ramparts high invaders to repel,
Fort that saw battle, loss, and victory.

Our father Abraham there milked his sheep,-
The patriarchal cradle of Haran,
There he would plough and till and harvest reap
'Ere by God's will he moved to Canaan.

Paddam-Aram Haran holds the well
Where the astute Rebecca water drew,
The biblical well documented site,
And brother Laban,- cheating, sheared an ewe.

This land saw kingdoms and empires rise.
Saw proud magnificence and sad decline.
Saw conquest, victory, and then demise,
'Neath sluggish rule or sovereignty vulpine.

So many of them were that had their time,
To rule the land with reckless cruelty.
But Bashar al- Assad excels in crime,
All erstwhile rulers in depravity.

Massacres' blood-stains now drench Syrian sod
And carnage foul while high-tech bombers hit
The new born infant and the little kid
That cry for vengance to almighty God.

A strategy in Tartarus construed, -
Let hop-o'-my-thumbs and babes the target be
To be wiped out to drown in their own blood
In foulest and one demonic infamy.

And Abraham mourns his cherished progeny,
Disconsolate, to see his land devoid
Of means and help 'gainst murderous tyranny,
His cherished land of yore beat and destroyed.

The tears of Abraham wet Syria's sod,
They moisten solid rocks and every stone.
And move to mobilize God's lightning rod
As they rise up as gems before His throne.


More By  :  Elizabeth Dandy

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Dear friend. This poem was written in haste after viewing te horror against infants and the Syrian people, there is alredy a better version of it. Abraham is the Father of all that believe, but Syria was the patriarchal cradle and the Syrian people are his biological descendents. besides the Jewish people.
As to the mystery of evil, only God knows how to draw good out of evil. And he will do so in good time. Meanwhile we have to combat it. and do our best in all we do.
Thanks a lot for comment, glad you liked it,
Blessings to you

17-Aug-2012 14:24 PM

Comment Dear Eliza, I read with interest your beautiful poem and liked it. Tell me Eliza, how these beautiful lands of Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Egypt and many more around fall prey to misfortune? What is lacking in humankind that men are up in arms time and again? Why cradle of a rather later civilization (if we exclude Egypt) show periodic tyranny? Do we humankind under some kind of oath that we will not learn from the mistakes of other civilizations and improve?

17-Aug-2012 00:37 AM

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