Theme: Exhibitionism

Selling of The Body Beautiful


Actually, when a woman shows off her body
nobody gives a thought that she is being dishonest.
What point does she want to make:
come, see what God has given me?
And why will she make an exhibition of
what God graciously has given her?
Will it be not natural that she gets careful
that nobody unnecessarily gets allured to pluck the flower
of her beauty and youth?

But, unfortunately, that is not  the prevalent cult
of this exhibitionist society.
Human beings have the tendency to put everything to auction.
Beauty, youth, skill, knowledge, everything.
Draupadi’s honour, women in swayamvara
to body beautiful, gladiatory pleasure is human forte.

So, how can woman be faulted
when she exhibits her body?
It is only personal taste and values
that either makes one withhold or sell
what God has given one playfully.

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More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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