Theme: Hope

The Swinging Lantern

You twinkle with the aura
drawn from the blazing sun
Swaying left and right
with the blossom breeze
Hither thither the flies go
with a hope to feel the warmth of you
Whatever you embrace
becomes bright and full of might

The eastward wind pulls you left
but you swiftly change your turn
The rain tries to split you apart
but you duck it
The trail of you even though bleak,
Makes men and women far from weak

A little girl in the slum rejoices your presence
You are her guide whatever time it is!
You wax and wane throughout the night
Even the shadow of you makes her feel safe
She hugs her grandma and says,
"The lantern swings! The lantern swings"
You swing making a smile like curve,
she smiles back and sleeps tight in your track!
Image © Getty Images


More By  :  Sowmya R Y

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