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An Ode To Emotions

by Shakti Salgaokar
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They rule some of them,
And scare away some,
Humans by them are often overwhelmed,
They are our emotions!

Up and down like a mountainous road,
Sometimes as raged as the wild stormy sea,
At times, with ideas the mind they load,
Occasionally of course, they guide us through,
like a car on smooth wheels!

They give us some of our highest highs,
And at times the lowest lows,
Without them lonely would be the nights,
Life would lose its glow.

They come out beautiful most of times,
On canvas a painting shines,
Or a wonderful poem that perfectly rhymes,
Or meaningful prose are the creative signs!

They make us cry,
And yes lets not forget the smile.
They make us realize why,
We achieve happiness after walking long miles'.

True as they are,
Deep as they can be,
They make all those scars,
And also create the glee'.

Every coin has two sides I agree,
So do my own emotions,
They bring out the best and worst in me.
They make all the barriers translucent!

But don't we say always,
Thank god my heart feels.
You can see it when to God, an old woman prays,
For a thing like world peace.

We are humans and so emotions we have,
They only change their guise,
You know they tell you what you want.
To life they add that extra spice!

So an ode to emotions I write,
Coz emotions are getting me emotional,
Now that this poem is born, I feel light'.
My elevated emotions feel so relevant.


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