Theme: Need

A Child in Need of a Grandma!

As I gaze through waterfalls,
Flowing steadily from my eyes,
past the wooden window frame
Thickly painted over time
Towards the star peppered evening sky
My heart beats steadily
In rhythm with the living darkness
I balled only pain adored hearts can feel!
It's like god himself put some stars
into a salt shaker and seasoned the sky
But I strain my blurry vision
To make out your beautiful face
Amongst the highest stars
I stare on edge from one the another tracing out your soft lips
Occasionally losing my place
After a wipe and a blink I make out your eyes again,
Looking past me, somewhere else.....
Oh, how I wish you'd come down,
From where you left my heart to go
And come back to my aching side!
This painting of an evening sky,
Was to be our playground,
You and I would re-arrange,
These brilliant jewels,
Borrowed from the sky,
To line out portraits of us!
But you flew ahead of me,
To take your place up there
Amongst the highest stars
And left me painfully grounded
With the salts of the earth-
To shine,
Never more!!


More By  :  Reena Sharma

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