Theme: Infatuation

Donkey and Lotus


Donkey carried
bricks, dirt, stones
tousled hair sheltered with raggedy scarf
clumsy legs veiled in stained pants
every day
whole day

Grazed half-dried grass on bank of pond
drank murky water
every day

Free from trace of attachment
realization of liberty
all worries
happy go lucky donkey
in state of bliss
every day
whole day

One day
palpitating impression of red lotus
exuded from the murky water
pierced his sight

stared at the image
felt earthy smell of water
on to his nostrils
noticed algae on water
for the first time

Buzzing bee thrust his head in womb of lotus
noticed sudden spring of joy on lotus 
petals radiated coy smile
playful embrace of bee and lotus
pierced his heart
for the first time

Sighed and walked away
head bowed
sad donkey

Then too it carried bricks, dirt, stones
crumpled skirt
dirt stained pants
head bowed

Grazed grass
little bit
drank water
few sips
stared at murky image
every day

Misty image of lotus
palpitated with each little gust
with each little wave
in pond of heart
every day
whole day

Image © Getty Images


More By  : Dr. Raj Vatsya

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