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New Culture


Night of the past age
certainly passed
from all corners of the world!
New culture glimmers
with the coming golden ray!

The rival forces of dark
disperse before it —
the rival forces
that are not tired and torn!
Now is the time to face them!
It is the time
when new power gets victory!
Attack is must,
That the distance between
countries, castes, classes
must be eliminated now!
For it
voice is raised
for the conflict between old and new.
Old :
that on the verge of death,
has establishments in disorder today,
All its light stolen by the new,
And the society
gone from his control!
Moments of dim past left only,
Whose palpitated frenzy is this —
"We were happy in past,
But the chariot of civilization
moves fast on the path of decay,
and is perplexed to ruin the world!”
We have to know,
the destructive factor is fatal
That creates the fictitious dark
and try to show them well-wisher
under the unsuccessful disguise
of a jackal!
They fill their belly by cheating!
Are such men
useful for the world?
They turn face from the new discourse!
And forget to fly with time!
The ruins of Crete [1] and Babylon [2]
pass before our eyes!
Neither shed tears to see them
nor sing in their praise thousand songs,
nor recall the days of passed ages!
The new era arrives,
On its path only
we have to spread the soft flowers,
Only its path we have to make easy!
So that in the arbour of new culture-vine
all of us may sing new melody song!
Forgetting sufferings and pain
of passed life!

1.  An island in Mediterranean Sea, near Greece; famous for its ancient culture.
2.  Ancient town in Mesopotamia; famous for its culture. 

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More By  : Prof. Dr. Mahendra Bhatnagar

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