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What I Want from you God

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Last night God met me on the street
He said, 'I'll give you a good job in the States'
He wanted to know if I wanted more
I said 'yes'.
God  said, 'Let me give you a good house'
He wanted to know if I wanted more
I said 'yes'
He said 'I'll give you a hi-fi car'
He wanted to know if I wanted more
I said 'yes'
He said, 'Well, let me give you a good gal to marry'
He wanted to know if I wanted more
I said 'yes'
He said 'I'll give you a super-duper child'
He asked me  if I wanted more
I said 'yes'.
God felt surprised and said, 'I'll make you a trillionaire'
He wanted to know if I wanted more
I said 'yes'.
He read my face for an hour and said
‘This country will be scam free’ 
I wanted more, He felt it so.
The corrupted ones will be punished
Blackmarketeers will be hanged from the nearest lamp post 
I still remained silent
and God looked confused

He patted on my shoulder
and said, ‘What more do you want?
Not a job, not a house, not a car, not a gal, not a child, no wealth?
What do you want? You aren't mad? 

I said, 'yes, God, thou art Omniscient. I am mad
I want nothing, nothing that you gave
I want 'LOVE', I want LOVE.

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More By  : Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee

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Comments on this Poem

Comment This poem is really a gem .There is a message in the poem at the very last line.The message is Love which the speaker longs.Riding on the vehicle of love the speaker in the poem wants to soar above our material mundane existence.He wants to store material possessions no more.A good job,good househi-fi car,'gal to marry,'super-duper child', money -are all valueless to the speaker.He is not a man who was bound to any material wealth.He wants more than these things-that is love,a love by which he can feel heaven on earth-it a lighthouse to him,a guide of his soul.So when God gave him everything mundane,he was not satisfied which made God confused.Because he only wants the blessings of Cupid and wants to be pierced by his arrow.Moreover,he longs all kinds of love because he knows well that only love can conquer all.With love the speaker wants to enjoy his life to the lees.So the message in the poem is very strong and the poem overall touches me so much due to its theme,presentation of ideas,message and using of words..just carry on sir.

Santanu Halder
28-Oct-2012 13:02 PM

Comment this is simply terrific.

Santanu Halder
27-Oct-2012 15:35 PM

Comment wow...great poem..

09-Sep-2012 15:19 PM

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