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A Celebration of Deity's Birthday!


All things have come from various destinations -
Fruits, flowers, incense sticks, camphor and all!
A newly moulded deity, Ganesha is ready now;
Decoration has to be done to start pooja next...

Maize, sugarcane, green grass, pears and sweets
And all favourite foods of Lord Ganesha are ready!
Sumptuously eating all, prominent deity basks long
Over knowledge of all subjects to erudition in youth!

Nothing can tease Him, nor can He be sensualised
As He is born for saving all gods from powerful giant
In the legendary age, says ancient story of mythology
And since then on He is saluted before all works ever!

Even trouble making Saturn supposed to cast spell
Over all beings to suffer before bestowing benefits
Could not do anything with Him as with Anjaneya!
Wisdom He has to tackle all matters to His success!

His conical shaped sandal paste is kept before all Yagna
Along with Navagraha and Lakshminarayana
For making all sacrifices in the holy fire, only way
To transport all in spiritual state to all pervading one!

Such a deity's birthday is festival of Ganesh Chaturthi
All over the nation all celebrate respecting brotherhood!
Believers and non-believers to enjoy this fun of union
Forgetting the religions they belong indulge in celebration!
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More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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