Theme: Anguish

The Tale of a Caged Bird

A caged bird
That I am
Once born in a hospital
Suckled the nectar from the nipples
Of my mother
Toddling and climbing
On the bosom of my father
Learnt walking
Catching at the walls and doors
Falling time and again
Weeping bitter tears
Began walking holding the finger
Of my father
A free bird that I was
Took flights
On my wings
Towards the horizon
Dreamt that one day
I would be there
On my own
As anyone never before
For aeons I staged a flight
Till my wings hurt
My heart gasped for breath
My mouth dry
For a drop of water
Time - the cunning hunter
Clipped my wings
Imprisoned me in my nest
Looking out of my window
Caged that “I” a bird
Drinks drops from my tears
In wee morning
Opening the window of
My cage I sigh watching
The birds
Streaking in a flight
That would take them
To horizon
God, please just
One more birth
Fulfill my wish
Bless me with the
That not again
I would be a caged victim
A free bird
Without the walled cage
Of human birth
Live my life
With passion
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More By  : Pt. Srikant Mohanty

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