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A Threat To Global Stability

In our recent history, the world after September 11
Has made all of us to think and feel-
About the kind of world children will need
To grow up healthy, without a terrorism chill!
Besides the vision of peace and homeland security,
Health protection is also a "must"-
By redoubling our efforts to control
The AIDS epidemic, born out of ignorance or lust!

Insecurity challenges the lives and families
Of those individuals affected by HIV/AIDS-
And shatters security of whole communities,
While economic prospect gradually fades!
Undoubtedly, AIDS threats regional and global stability,
And makes development slow-
By taking away the present along with the future,
And allows the death tolls to glow!

Every minute a child dies of the virus
And the pandemic is spreading at an alarming rate-
While the link between health and social justice
Is too apparent, and goal needs to be set!
The biggest enemy of health in the developing world
Is the poverty and lack of care-
Followed by the poor sanitation and safe drinking water,
Vitiated by the polluted air!

HIV/AIDS is unique in the social and demographic
Devastation it inflicts in a short time-
And kills people in the prime of their lives
While their families sink in the grief paradigm!
Loss of each breadwinner's income reduces the access
Of the dependent to healthcare too-
And make them so vulnerable to deadly infections
Or death in the guise of survival woo!

Loss of lives from AIDS is a tragedy in human terms
And lack of development as well-
While magnitude of the crisis needs to be controlled
Before our thoughts start to swell!
A sense of common resolve and collective responsibility
With a time-bound goals-
Is the roadmap that we need to follow
And reduce the slow but vicious death tolls!

Disease and ill health are widespread
In the developing world over too many years-
And have created the barriers to progresses
By echoing the squalor of human tears!
So we must fight for freedom from disease
And 'want' to win the battle of suffering tale-
Irrespective of our color or creed, for the fake of humanity,
And lift the mystery veil!

Well, I am painfully aware but I do see the silver lining
Along the edges of grieving sky-
Because of donations from so many foundations,
The patients now can take a deep sigh!
AIDS drugs are more affordable and prevention campaigns
Are truly succeeding at last-
To reduce mother-to-child transmission
And alert women's role overlooked in the past!

Now our challenge is to build on the momentum
With an ambitious compassionate mind-
And design a 'blueprint' for achieving freedom
>From fear of AIDS as we commonly find!
We must sustain global political will as the pulpit
To refocus attention achieved until now-
And fight against this crippling epidemic
With a notoriety under a common strategic vow!

I will spare no efforts to offer my supports
To build a world fit for living and future peace-
Of coming generations in which parents
Will survive AIDS; and joy a child will not miss!
In spite of life's war against hunger, disease, oppression,
And drinking water not so pure-
I will be the last person to undervalue
Even a single human life that now I can reassure!

In our web-bound interdependent world today,
Let us establish the inextricable link-
Between health and social justice for
A sustainable planet, where we can really think!
Let us pledge now to translate our concerns
Into real action to build a world AIDS free-
And pave the way for future generations
To allow them to grow under a happiness tree!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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