Theme: Love

When I Don’t Think of You


When I don’t think of you, 
I still walk on the very same love-lane
where golden gulmohars once bloomed
in the pathways,
so abundantly…
When I don’t think of you,
the love bird of my heart still chirps
and yearns to nest, merrily
in your empty cabin built with logs of love
and furnished with feelings…
When I don’t think of you,
my solitary shadow still longs to
pass through the golden gates of your heart
and knock on the doors of your soul
to arouse your five senses,
and the sixth one, too…
Like an eagle gliding above,
diving down from cerulean skies
I see you as a shining speck, so petite
standing aloft on a mountain
and you drift on my wings of imagination
soaring to dazing heights,
Then I think of you and find
you are still the
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More By  :  Bharat B. Trivedi

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