Theme: Death

I heard a Rider Galloping

by Elizabeth Dandy
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His hands were strong - they wore a golden band,
With pride - Oh, how I loved to look at his right hand!
It shielded me from injury and harm,
His smile was full of playfulness and charm.
Oh, vigorous and so industrious hands,
That wrought sheer miracles with odds and ends,
And wielded tools and implements with skill,
Ingenious, creative, deft, - until -
Grave illness struck my darling to the core
And gone were all the happy days of yore,
Of kicking pedals tandem on a bike,
And walking on the beach, or taking a hike,
The strong tanned hands now looked so white and pale,
diaphanous, transparent, thin and frail,
Don't touch sheer hands so etherialized,
Noli me tangere had said the Christ
To Magdalen who clutched with eagerness
At hands familiar, but so diaphanous.
But I did strain with all my might to hear
The utterances of my cavalier,
To take in every gesture, every word,-
He spoke with shortened breath now, but I heard:
I heard a Rider galloping a-field
In furious gallop and I shuddered, chilled.
My heart skipped beats with anguish, dread and fear
The rider stopped his course and now drew near.
He had a sharpened scythe and it was clear
He targeted my knight, my cavalier,
And stood between the sick bed and my seat
And now began to graze my Stephen's feet.
I interjected myself - Stop! Be gone!
Away dark Rider, leave my Love alone!
The only true love that I ever had,
Do not come near,- do not approach his bed!
I pleaded desperately, begged and cried,
Apocalyptic Rider! - spare my knight!
Have mercy! Pity! - for I need him so!
But he retorted: "It is time - let go"!
Let go! Let go!, Ah letting go is sweet!
Give up! Submit! To what's on high decree.!
Oh, ethereal strange translucency
Of my love's face and hands, it seemed that he
Was seeking, groping, tapping long the sheet
With his frail hands a stronger hand to meet
than mine whose fingers slipped so helplessly
Twixt tears and moans beads of the rosary.
The Rider swung the scythe and dealt the blow
and peace supreme shone from my true love's brow;
A groan, a prayer as I held him tight,
In vain, my Love had gone into the Light.
In memory of my beloved husband Stephen Dandy+ on a most beautiful September 30th. His name was Stephen, the most caring, faithful, brave and loyal husband.


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Comment Thank you for beautifil comment. Blessig

Elozaberth Dandy
03-Oct-2012 18:36 PM

Comment Wonderful evocation, and a shining testament to marital love.

01-Oct-2012 11:18 AM

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