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A Space Venture!


Silence of Universe is beautiful in the night
And its message is expansion by creativity!
Ever expanding Universe maintains balance
By birth and extinction of Stars innumerable!

Still the Stars are countless in number above
Though Moon, Mars we are curious to exploit!
Dark side of Moon is still a mystery unexplored;
On Mars after 8 months of travel has Curiosity
Rover landed to explore and find means to live!

27000 Km. it has travelled at a speed of 20800
Kmph to reach Mars taking a time of 8 months!
For man to travel there food and speed count
Much he has to plan and use for his stay too!

When the Earth's life comes to an end one day
Man will be landing on Moon and Mars to live!
Brave new world he has to build to survive then
Using science, intelligence and imagination much!

Exploring countless Stars is a great challenge
He will undertake in future with sophistication!
Material man has to explore spiritual means
To do miracles in future as technology is useless
And helpless to travel and live in such alien places!

Ancient spiritual science man has to find out
To achieve success in this great venture he loves!
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More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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