Theme: Beckoning

Oh! Mahatma...


When Khadi Charkhas started spinning
The wheel turned the hope of the masses
Altruism! Altruism! Altruism!
Lessons on tolerance misinterpreted

Oh! Mahatma, central claim of egoism
Projects humans as being innately selfish
Altruism is merely a defiance of egoism
Altruism like egoism is truly incoherent

Altruism and selfishness
Free will and determinism,
Translate into survival value
And are all polar opposites

Is your message of altruism misunderstood?
Is our tolerance defiance to a corrupt system?
Has it turned to be the tolerance of corruption?
Oh! Mahatma you come back to resolve this issue

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More By  : Prof. Siva Prasad Peddi

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