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God in Nature

Kato tumi mano haro, monoi taha jane
Hriday mamo tharo tharo kampe tomar gane

Only my mind knows that
How comely Thou art;
Trembles my heart
At Thy music’s art.
In this morning
Tears in my eyes bring
The Sun’s and cloud’s frolic,
As Thy mystery I seek.
The wild flickers of light
On the ripples of the river bright;
The chuckles of the wood
Run on the leaves in merry mood.
What there I see in the sky?
Ah! It is the look of Thy eye;
On my breath does shower
Blue nectar from yonder.

The perception of God is amazingly instant to the Poet as soon as he turns his senses to the nature around. We lesser mortals have a blockade here which is also lifted immediately as we audience his superb songs and share the Poet’s perception of God in nature.  


More By  :  Rajat Das Gupta

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Comment Knowing and Realizing the Great Idea!
Relativity of Space, Universe and Nature is realized by Stars, planets and living beings;
Likewise, so many things such as Time, Spirit and Soul are known by our mind sure;
The clarity of such matters only helps to know truth and ultimate truth all try ever;
Putting together all aspects of firmament we realize our position as just a dot there!
Science, intellectual thoughts and philosophy reveal great truth and ultimate reality;
For convenience we can say this as Nature that covers all matters we are interest;
This Nature itself man has forgotten by technology and machines helping all works
And enjoying comforts, man has forgotten that we are part of Nature and can't live otherwise!
Only material things man believes because they can be seen and other things are ignored;
That's why not only Space, Energy, Time, Spirit but also God as Universal Spirit
Existing as all-pervading Energy and activating everything everywhere is unbelievable;
By knowledge, thoughts, realization and maturity of mind, wisdom reveals this great idea!
To know, realize and believe great idea of God, knowledge and experience are needed
And that is possible only by musing deep in Nature as a mystic or yogi by meditation!

T A Ramesh
24-Mar-2021 01:07 AM

Comment 6 October 2012
TO: Ms. Rupradha
Thanks for your comment. My guess is, you are not a Bengali and that is why you relish Rabindrasangeet in English. If you had the advantage of knowing Bengali you must have detected a number of flaws in my translation. I suggest, you read in my blog "A Letter from Mr. Ajit Mitra" and "What is Rabindrasangeet?". Particularly the former you'll find highly interesting. If you're inclined, you may contact over my E-mail also and/or
Yours sincerely
Rajat Das Gupta

Rajat Das Gupta
06-Oct-2012 02:17 AM

Comment beautiful..

06-Oct-2012 00:41 AM

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