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Golden Horizon

It was a unique moment
August 3,1954.
First excitement :
Free India's maiden venture
Forming the Department of Atomic Energy.
Today the horizon is filled
With infinite golden particles
Completing fifty years
Of that great moment.
The atomic energy within
Has been excited
Massive energy left on
The palms of scientists
For harnessing the potential.
Salutations to Bhabha, Sarabhai,
Sethna, RajaRamanna, Kakodkar, Kalam.
Glorious praise for the fifty years
By an erstwhile student of physics.
I pray, may this moment
Stretch to a century !
I can see how the golden dust
Is filling into the depths of atoms
And filling the fabric of India.
I can see the excitement
Of science everywhere.
From the infinitude
Of nuclear energy
We have harnessed electricity,
Applied in remedial isotopes
In medicine curing cancer
Forming a happier society.
Our heritage has been rich
And today we are complete and wholesome
For we are powerful amongst
The global nuclear equations
Here in India
Both the nuclear energy and peace coexist.
Here in India we apply
The invincible power of nuclear energy
In health, agriculture and industry
As a stepping stone towards
Prosperity, Quality and profitability
.This unceasing journey is our identity.
Everyday it reconstructs us
As a traveler on the
International nuclear highway.
Peace-loving, austere Indians we are
Our level of living shall improve further
Our dreams shall be fulfilled.
Every cell of ours shall sing
The song of science
Shall sing the song of peace, global family.
Shall sing the song of an able India,
A successful India, a proud India.


More By  :  Sashibhusan Rath

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