Theme: Ambition

Gale of Goals

Ambitious people
Random roaming
With blurred visions
For the goals set
To be chased
To be achieved
Search of fulfillment
Subjective tussle!

Lore and learning
Lots of knowledge
Bits of frustrations
Inert skills
Cut-throat competitions
Their frequent repetitions
Shattering of aspirations
Their aim goes aimless
Their nights restless

Sometimes joyous thrills
Over their achievement
And the aim is no longer
There and even then life
Gets monotonous and
Morose, moribund!

Over-vaulting ambitions
Have a downfall
With a soundless thud
On the ground of reality
Their caliber goes wayward
They make vagabond
Their kindled curiosity comes
To stagnation, full of repugnance

Better to be ambitious
Worse to be over-ambitious
For the former pushes us forward
Creating a plane of happiness
With the needs minimized
The more it gets maximized
The less the peace of mind, belittled

Life must have a rudder
To sail across the vast ocean
But reaching the destination
Requires a continued effort
Perseverance coupled with hard toil
Lots of zeal to put it into practice
And despair-proof mind
And steel like heart to get along
And above all great contentment!


More By  :  Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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