Theme: Friendship

All Weather Friends!

All weather friends are real against fair weather ones!
Best friendship flourishes on humour, love and frankness;
Contrary things happen if flattery dominates in there as
Decision at vital moments in life depends on true advisers!

Enemy of one's enemy may be a friend to one somewhere;
Friends of the same feather ever flock together anywhere!
Good friends forgive and forget all silly mistakes ever.

Humour in criticism of friends, top most pals adopt;
Ice cold situation never prevails in romantic rapport!
Joint ventures of friends are easy to undertake for all;
Kings and queens too are equals in friendship with all!

Love exchanged in friendship is real, nowhere is seen;
Many secrets are confessed only with friends fine!
Nothing goes wrong in the company of good friends;
Open, free discussions take place only among confidants.

Pals of dedicated and devoted nature are rare fortune;
Qualified, worthy pals achieve laurels in times opportune!
Racial, religious, national and all barriers never affect them;
Sustained success they make in social circles as in home!

Troubles are thwarted by truths exchanged within
Under all circumstances among themselves as in fun!
Veracity makes their bonds go on high pedestals ever;
World wonders at their marvels they make forever!

X, Y and Z are equals in their all weather friendship;
Years may go but they ever remain firm in relationship!
Zealous mood never diminishes in their companionship!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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