Theme: Death

In Memoriam

Angel of death lay its icy hand
on the innocent soul precious
closing forever honey sweet affinity
cut out every avenue of existence
cold silence surrounds
eerie and weird
all ends up

clobbered by strings and arrows
of monstrous misfortune
bleary eyes wear a dazed look
tears stream forth
like a fountain unleashed
trembling hands touch the feet unadorned
a last look before departure
to the heavenly abode; a land of no return
a tearful farewell to the sister beloved
combination of awe and stupor
ponder over mystery and puzzle

enigma of life and death
why would the ones we love
always depart
leaving behind memories opulence sweet
spawn a vacuum and void
never ever to be filled
aggrieved at the loss
gush of anger burst forth
at almighty cruel and callous
take away a cherub celestial
congenial and charming
pleasing and angel-like
a chasm deeply bestowed
by hand invincible
blanched visibly
by the departure sudden

memories drift away
to the days of bittersweet
squabbles and quarrels aplenty
moments of bliss and cheer not withstanding;
worth recalling in moments of solitude
would have made a world of difference
lend a new meaning to life further
in a world filled with egocentric
and aggressively brutal personalities surfeit

would have carved a niche for herself
in the hall of fame
shone prominent like a lodestar
would have brought in a whiff of fresh air
to a world filled with pollution
peach of a girl
remarkably sensitive and an epitome of decency;
poles apart from all and sundry
a cut above the rest
a beautiful swan amongst ugly ducklings
an ocean of calm around a sea of stupidity
radiated charm and warmth incomparable
a fighter to the core
would have put up a battle royale
waged a gruelling war against the omnipotent
aware that end is imminent
spent the moments last
inundated in an ocean of sorrow and grief
beseeched the Lord of Heaven
to stay back in this world mundane
with her loved ones

life brilliant got nipped in the bud
unimaginable the heights scaled
provided with an opportunity
to live life to the fullest
wish there was a mechanism
a device to bring back the lifeless
someone make death an impossibility
God’s plans are indecipherable
uncertainty a bane of life
thoughts surround over the lost one
who has left footprints
indelible in the time immemorial
value of a sister
akin to a precious diamond
invaluable and priceless
marked sense of despondency
seizes at the strings of heart
incapacitated at loss severe
no grace descends from far above
nursing grievances plenty
caring tinker dam for the One above
impiety deep seated
subjected to misery immeasurable
wonder why a sea of humanity
drinks in the honey of pleasure
singled out for a treatment ruthless
unfair and undeserved

prayers and offers come to a naught
query the very existence of faith
suicide never a course of action
perplexed at the thoughts
having to live with memories past
bring her back, Oh my Lord
warm the cockles of my heart
fill in the days with glorious sunshine.


More By  :  Ramana Prasad

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