Theme: Life

Mission of Life

by Ramana Prasad
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Never seen an ant distraught
When it seeks the food
With precision matchless
Nor a spider distressed
as it tries to weave the web
with patience inimitable
Nor even seen a child
Consistently depressed
Active and bubbly
it stumbles and gets up
with enthusiasm
beyond compare
Never fails to try again
With unceasing perseverance

Winners never quit
Quitters never win
Rome was not built in a day
Success was never achieved
by a stroke of luck;
Success is a burning desire to excel;
Years of hardwork
coupled with determination
to succeed against hazards
make one’s life worth
weight in Gold

Two hands are the
Best friends of a person
Who is willing to
shed sweat and blood
For family and nation;
Organize and plan
Ahead with care
Associate with people
Of positive thoughts

A positive thought is
An arrow left from the
Bow; it always leaves
Its Mark behind
Do unto others as unto you

Put yourself in the
shoes of Others
If it pinches you, it sure
as well would pinch others

Happiness walks on busy feet
Flowers are born out
of dark moments
Hope is the elixir of life
and so is enthusiasm;
Sky is the daily bread of the eyes
Drink in the beauty of nature
Carry yourself around
Rest before you get tired
Meditation is the mother
Of relaxation.

Always one can find matured
With puckered brows
Serious and concerned
Worried to death
Even youngsters fall in line
Discouraged by the goings on
and ever changing vicissitudes
Get into depression severe
Abusing their lives precious
With drugs and alcohol
Great pity  and crying shame
Never realize the value of life,
A wonderful gift from the One Above

Driven by unlimited desires
Like an insect gets attracted to light
They dig themselves into an
ocean of misery, a quagmire,
dark tunnel From which
there is no return;
entangled in a web of
power and pelf
tend to ignore the
Supreme One

The rule is Jam Yesterday,
Jam Tomorrow but never
Jam Today because
Tomorrow is not in our hands
Yesterday is nothing but a Dream
Today is the day to shape up
Your dreams into reality
Building castles in the air
positive sign only
If foundations were
Built under them

Childlike attitude
Need of the hour
Cultivate untainted happiness
Mantra for successful living
Should take a leaf from the
book of people who fight
who take up challenges
as they come forth
streaming in torrents
The tough ones get going
Never to wilt down ;
Bummer is a word never to be
Found in their lexicon

Conquer against all odds
Come out successful
With flying colours
All guns blazing
Remain defiant
Unflagging courage
Coupled with unswerving
Determination; hallmark
of a great fighter who
never gives up on life

Draw up all sources of strength
fight it out to the last second
take things as they come
with equanimity and temperance
like a well-oiled machine
always unflappable, unmoved
by the changing fortunes;
who got graduated from the
university of hard knocks

To be or not to be happy
A conscious decision to be made
To make life worth priceless
Make others happy as long as
Life goes on its peerless way
Always think how far we can
Positively impact the lives around us
Rather than fret and frown forever
Delve deep into the essentials of life
Would know that it is worth striving for
With all its ups and downs
Which should make one stronger
as the days roll by

Adversity reveals genius,
Prosperity hides it
Failure is delay; not defeat
There is always a silver lining
Behind a dark cloud
When you see darkness,
There is an opportunity for the light
To burn brighter

Never curse the lightlessness
Light up a candle if you can
Count your blessings not your troubles
Possess a positive frame of mind
A smile on your face
Would light up many a life
With an enthusiasm
Verve and vivacity unmatched
Inspire yourself to inspire others

Have strong faith in
The Hand of Absolute
Pray for yourself and
Include others in your prayers
Lend a helping hand to the
Destitute and needy
Patient understanding is
The secret of all human

Friendship is the best way
Of sharing happiness and gloom
If you have five real friends
In life, a sign that
You have lived your
Life to the fullest.

Thou shall not kill
Says Bible
Be a vegetarian for life
Protect animal species
From withering away
Fauna an essential and
indivisible part of nature
Katrinas and Ritas would
Follow as people go against
The laws of mother nature.

Practise silence
In your privacy
To reduce violence
Never give up an opportunity
To laugh in a social milieu
Laughter is the best medicine
Antidote for depression
Merry Heart does good
like a medicine; Dry heart
breaks the bones
A smile is contagious
An epidemic to be
spread around;
Fun and frolic follow suit
Spread positive thoughts around

Play music which fills your
Heart and soul with peace
Never give up, Oh Friend
Pulling the plug never
A conclusive course of action
Be alive and kicking ever;
Carry on the mission of life.


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