Theme: Candle


It adorns our festive occasions,
Provides light, when we have no direction.
Integral part of a B'day party,
Adding vigor to the cake's artistry.
Ideal combination for an intimate dinner,
makes it easier to know each other.
Final hope for the person in the dark,
Only a "CANDLE" plays the life saving part.

Some are decorative, but mostly useful,
Surely candles are used in plentiful.
Thin and shaky, thick and sturdy,
Whatever their feature, they come in handy.
Moulds of wax develops such exquisite figure,
Its grace multiplies after adding color.
For some it is like a companion,
Some use it a means of fashion.

When a candle burns, its like a wound,
Oozing blood, body unconscious lying on the ground.
Dripping wax is an indication,
Good bye user, the candle is nearing its extinction.

Please listen to what it has to say,
I have served u in an unselfish way.
No rewards, no recognition, I get from u,
Neither we lead a life of virtue.
One single request I hope u will keep,
Do not throw away, when we are old and weak.
If not the minimum respect we deserved,
Keep us safe to have your purpose served.


More By  :  Subhajit Sarkar

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