Theme: Death

Graduation Night

Graduation night
Excitement in the air
The night moon sang
Kids without a care

Together they celebrated
A future to come
Four captain and cokes
And two shots of rum

Ambition and dedication
Had gotten them thus far
One wanted to be a surgeon
And the other a star

Best buds since the start
Bound by an eternal pact
Through boys and prom
Their friendship remained intact

They piled inside
Their sporty red ford
Spilling their beer
Yelling 'All Aboard!'

Not once did they think
Of the future to come
Their bodies were buzzing
And their minds too numb

* * * * *

Graduation night
Excitement sucked from the air
The Night moon wallowed
The streets bled with despair

Such promising young girls
Why ?'Oh ! Why ?
We've all made mistakes
But their mothers are left to cry

'They weren't ready'
'They were too young'
'They were irresponsible'
All the talk stung

A community left in darkness
Two families left to deal
Whole hearts shattered
People afraid to feel

As the days passed
The newspapers read
Of statistics and facts
Each writer was fed

The reporters were unsettling
They really didn't care
They painted portraits of the girls
That was really unfair

Each mother and father
Sister and aunt
All friends and family
Felt that haunt

These girls are not remembered
For their beauty or hearts
These girls are not remembered
For their corks or their smarts

These girls were good people
They sang in the church choir
And before that night
Their hearts burned a fire

It's sad to say
But they are mostly now
As part of a statistic
That has only grown

Don't cut your life short
Don't seal your fate
Don't drink and drive
Don't close that gate


More By  :  Jade Gialdini

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