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Animal Train

Our Earth is Lord’s wonderful domain
Bound by one long, intricate food chain.
Man is the leading engine with a clever brain,
Animals trail behind as bogeys of Nature’s train.

Engine and bogeys are in no way similar
Man motored by intelligence is singular;
Pattern of living in animals is regular,
For primal instinct are they popular.

From man do animals entirely differ
To walk on four legs they prefer,
Beautiful feast to the eyes they offer
Gifted with convenient aids to live safer.

Tails, mane and whiskers are their specialty
Each equipped with for a specific utility.
Gorgeous coats with dots and stripes of variety
Flaunt the Creator’s imagination and its fertility.

Unwritten law prevails on their roaming territory,
Herds obey leader’s orders that are peremptory.
“Live and let live” is their general policy;
Survival is their motivating force, not any vagary.

Unlike man they mate only in the season;
To kill, purpose not pleasure is their reason.
Tooth and nail, horn and hoof their weapon-
Thankfully no catastrophic, nuclear poison.

Untainted with wanton evil,
Too naïve for disastrous skill,
Unaware of the impending peril,
The unthinking bogeys may derail.

Engine with necessary direction,
Heeding some proper correction,
Hastening towards animal protection
Heads for journey’s happy completion.


More By  :  Pavalamani Pragasam

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