Theme: Introspection

Graveyard Shift

The corridors lie dark and desolate before me
as I take my shift
As I approach my station
there seems a cognitive rift between reality and dream
The stillness of the night, a precursor to the panic and fright
The omnipresence of a struggle yet to be fought
Yet I must remain vigilant
Remember all that I was taught

Oh my teacher within the classroom
Why did you not warn us, impending doom
Ephedrine, Morphine and such
Why at the critical moment, we must remember so much
Gurneys come and go with speed
At the touch if a button, we decide what they need

Eyes vacant, without a stare,
Barely conscious without a care
It is our prerogative to give a damn, care and fulfill
For it is not a diagnosis, not only a pill

A caring hand
A loving touch
Giving to those that need
What they crave so much
What are we but the givers of truth?
As far as man is concerned, we are not givers of youth

Expectations, burdened on our mind
Analysis our function, we shall seek and we shall find
You taught us well in the art of finding
Teach us well how to live with this our childhood minding

A young girl, life slipping away
Hemoglobin gone totally awry
Young gift of life gone astray
Good day- but doctor will see you anyway

Lives are at stake within any given time
An incorrect prognosis ' a lifetime crime
To hold a hand and to make things well
To say more than time will tell

There are more things we have strived for
I, myself am at the core
I give what I can with the things I've got
I try to make plans with things I have not
Those people, touch, care in hand
They need someone to understand
All the hope within the tools that I need
I am not alone
I am only one of many, please understand my grounds
This is my plea; understand me for once and all
I am only one fulfilling my call.

Understand me, for this is my life & yours'


More By  :  Ray Siefe

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