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God Bless America!


God bless America! – Say, rather, God
bless the world, much bigger
and much wider than America,
within which is America and
Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia,
and all lands. Say again, God
bless the world: sun, moon and
planets, next whom America is shrunk
further, but not in what's hoped!
God bless the universe, stars
and galaxies, on all bestow
the blessing of God: America
a speck in this panorama,
yet not the less well wished!
God bless humanity: here's the best
blessing of them all: as large
as the world, its vast human
soul America amounts to, the world
amounts to, in each human being:
God bless each man, and in each
man, God bless the world,
in each American and other man;
it but remains that God's blessing
be done - but that this is done
in God's blessing complete in
God's own beloved Son;
America, the world, each man, God
blesses inasmuch as God the Son.


More By  :  R. D. Ashby

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