Theme: Life

Is This Not Life All About?

There is everything, as it seems,
For each one’s need,
though not for every one’s greed…
The deer has the meadow to graze
and the bush to hide inside,
enough grains for the birds to pick
and an open sky to show flying tricks,
the bees have the flowers to suck honey,
nuts for the squirrels to crack,
ripe fruits for parrots and monkeys to track…
The rolling hills, the green valleys
and the clouds for the painter’s brush,
the rising and the setting sun, the tides
and a lone moon among a host of stars
the poets and musicians to inspire
Misery, sorrow and poverty
for the socialists to fight against,
mines of gold, diamonds and gems
for the capitalists to explore and exploit,
Code of conduct and welfare schemes
for the politicians to formulate and violate,
enough land for landscaping and to grab as well
far beyond the need to feed their ego and greed
Quiet riversides for the sages to meditate,
to see the unseen and hear the unheard,
picnic spots for the kids and lonely corners
for lovers their missed heartbeats to count:
Is this not life on the earth all about?


More By  : Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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