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Growing Up

I need an answer, for a question from deep inside,
Is life a hard journey, or just an easy ride?
I see this world as a big and open field,
Filled with opportunities and with problems to deal...

It’s no longer the same "in-house" cocoon,
It’s more like the sky and alone the moon...
You say you're free, but are you really?
Or are you just a puppet who lives for others merely?

You call it love, for that you sacrifice,
Against your desires, you go on with what’s right.
Right not in your eyes, but in that of a loved one,
To whom you're a father, a daughter or a son...

Your dreams stay unrealized, your goals un-reached,
I guess it’s just a lesson that life has to teach.
Later in the years when you try and look back,
What you have and what you wanted are two different packs.

There is happiness in one, with satisfaction,
Acceptance in the other, a result of expectations.
Yet it’s not all darkness, there is a ray of light,
Just when you want to give up, "hope" comes in sight.

With this whole world alone, it helps you fight,
All seems in place, everything all right.
Now I know that life, is nothing but a game,
"Kismet" is what plays; "growing up" is the name...


More By  :  Bijal Dwivedi Mehta

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