Theme: Alcohol


Some people make beer and some people make wine.
But I spent over twenty years making moonshine.
Instead of making it with corn, I always used fruit.
It sold for a hundred bucks a gallon, that's a lot of loot.
Only rich people could afford to drink what I made.
I didn't care that it was illegal, I just wanted to get paid.
I made two hundred grand a year, that was a lot of money.
But when the feds slapped the cuffs on me, it wasn't funny.
People loved my shine because it was pretty damn good.
My family warned me to stop but I never could.
I loved to use my still to make shine at night.
It went down smooth but it also had a bite.
The ATF put me out of business and now I'm doing hard time.
Unless you want to end up like me, you'd better not make moonshine.

(This is a fictional poem.) 


More By  :  Randy Johnson

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