Theme: Understanding

Life - A Study


Life is something strange,
Before we understand what it is,
We almost reach the end of it.

Life is something marvelous,
The efforts that we take casually
May turn out to be great.

Life is something ridiculous,
If whatever we do to achieve
Does not reap the right benefits.

Life is something easy,
Whatever we miss at one point
If we get those back later.
Life is something tremendous,
As always generosity wins
And Hatred fails.

Life is something troublesome,
When things don’t go as
We plan though we are right.
Life is just a cakewalk,
When luck runs faster
Than the speed of our hardwork.

Life is something unforgettable
When we read others'
Minds and share our hearts.
Life is something sensible,
If we let others get what
We wish to get for us.

Life is something praiseworthy
If friends remain as relatives and
Relatives remain as friends.

Life is something memorable,
If we don’t live for ourselves
And let others live
Life is something meaningful
When we realize the outcome
Of what we plan and promote.

Life is something wonderful
When miracles do happen
And we reach beyond the
Life is something classic
When every moment of it
Is spent purposefully.

Life is something like a book
When every page has a moral
And its reader always learns
Something new.


More By  :  Ravi N.

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