Theme: Mythology

Oh, Death!


Oh death, sweet soulful stranger
Kiss these parched lips;
Let me drink from your fountain of forgotten souls.
Speed my spirit into that realm of shadows
Where the lonely ones forever wander;
Searching for long lost loves.
Grant me tonight this freedom;
To bargain with the underworld monarch.

Oh death, Eurydice I have lost, my maiden, my world;
Slain by that silent serpent. Struck down in youthful innocence.
Permit me to play my golden lyre; your mournful melody
To soothe Cerberus into the land of dreams.
Hear me sing my songs of love, to break those hearts of stone;
Smile as the Erinyes weep their tears of blood.
Allow me entrance to Hades' home to assuage his troubled soul;
And depart, hand in hand with my love, together;

Image © Stephen Watson


More By  :  Stephen Watson

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