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How Much Will It Take?

How much will it take?
For the 'liberators' to call a halt
To this mindless war;
And admit that there are
No weapons of mass destruction,
Except the ones raining down fire and brimstone
From the skies that look over Iraq,
Changing their hue to match the blood red
Flowing from the bodies of innocents
Doomed to premature deaths.

Will the numbers have to equal those of 9/11?
Or would it take twice that count,
For a truce to be announced?

To the mother of a dead child,
Soldier or civilian; it is still her precious child,
It is already one too many.

How many more lives will it take?
To stop this cruel devastation,
Of an already crippled nation.

In the name of humanity,
Please stop this insanity.


More By  :  Melanie Priya Kumar

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