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Human Development and Hillonomics:

In our interdependent world today,
Complexities and competitions are on the rise-
Followed by the technological progress with
Fluctuating stock markets and their demise!
Developed nations are at the forefront of development
With their buying power and military force-
While the developing countries keep on struggling
And depend mainly on their natural resource!
Thus an imbalance on the issues of global economy
And human development seem to soar-
And irrespective of political debates and policy making,
The advocacy groups continue to roar!

Economic instability or wealth possession/distribution
Is at the epicenter of our development factors-
To emphasize the goals "of the people, by the people,
And for the people", 'cause they act as the salient actors!
Human development is not limited to or
By the rise and fall of national incomes for sure-
Rather it's geared towards the creation of an environment
Where people can allow their potentials to endure!
As per "Hillomorphic Explorations" of humanity,
Peoples are the wealth of the nations' progress-
So the developments will link with expansion
Of peoples' lives, and allow their thoughts to undress!
Certainly the economic growth is a primary vehicle
To enlarge any idea and the peoples' choice-
Buried in a sustainable environment that's most desirable
To express their unbiased voice!

For a significant development and year-round progress,
Human capabilities must be built-
Based on the assessment of things the people can do
Or achieve in life, without any set back or tilt!
Profound knowledge, access to the resources needed,
And a very long disease-free life-
May form the basis of a decent living, and assist
The community through turmoil or strife!
Always many choices are simply unavailable, and
Options of opportunities will remain inaccessible for all of us-
But we must cross the hurdles of life to establish
The standards through sparked dialogues or political fuss!

In "Hillonomics", human development shares
A common vision with economic freedom to choose-
Followed by human rights; regardless of ethnicity, color,
Or religion; otherwise we all have to loose!
People should be free to make their choices,
And allowed to indulge in a decision-making tool-
'Cause human development and human rights are
Intertwined to complement each other, and enjoy the pull!
Personal and social well-being, dignity, and economic
Prosperity are at the fulcrum of developmental arts-
While the self-respect and respect of others will be
The numerator/denominator in statistical charts!

With global awareness of the concept of human development,
National policy-dialogue is taking the turn-
Through country-led and country-owned consultation,
Research, and report, to avoid public outcry or burn!
As per statistical disaggregation and "Hillonomics",
We see unacceptable levels of deprivation across the Earth-
Irrespective of locations, ethnic groups, or along the
Rural/urban hubs, to destroy the development mirth!
Illiteracy, lack of water sources, basic sanitation,
Children mortality, and unemployment continue to tell-
The saga of developing nations and their hapless peoples,
Thriving under a living hell!
Undoubtedly, the magnitude of these challenges
Appears to test the human endurance at its best,
And demands a collaborative and networked approach,
To contribute to a higher standards of test!

Well, after a decade-long "Hillomorphic Explorations" of
Human development, I am convinced to note an impressive gain-
In many aspects, especially the basic conditions
Of achieving human freedoms, and it didn't end up in vain!
Now, the analysis and priorities of human development
Have become an immediate political discourse-
Embraced by the world populations, because of its dealings
With many latent problems at the source!
They continue to articulate perceptions and policies,
Followed by alternate opinions for development planning now-
To promote the possibility of poverty and disease eradication
With medical breakthrough and technical know-how!
Integration of rural and urban areas with economic
Disparities, and a meating of the minds, is a food for thought-
While the discrimination needs to be abolished,
And outreach for civic education must be sought!
Undoubtedly, the human development is truly a complex issue
That encircles a wide spectrum of intricate affair-
And pushes us, the global humanity, through a
Merry-go-round, and still provokes us to live and share!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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