Theme: Tragedy

Death in Kindergarten

weaving simple playful dreams
the kindergarten children
killed in school
by a maniac
on a shooting rampage
killing his own divorced mother
      - a gun enthusiast, and 
        a teacher in the school -
besides five others
upon entering the classroom

and then shot himself
by trepidation and cowardice
      ascending from the gruesome massacre
creating an appalling macabre
unheard, unseen
Twenty dead children
leave behind
devastated parents; grieving
How to console them?
The surviving children
still in their formative years ...
Are they doomed to swallow
the venom of traumatic afflictions?

Whom to blame?
The maniac’s psyche
       nurtured on hatred 
       that breeds violence

       arising reflexively out of
       divorced parental apathy,
the social fabric,
domestic abuse,
the American Gun Culture
that’s gone out of control?

The assailant, 20 years old Adam Lanza walked into the classroom killed his mother – a teacher – followed by killing 20 children and five other adults mercilessly before killing himself on December 14, 2012 in Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut.


More By  :  Rajender Krishan

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Comments on this Poem

Comment triste poem but that is he way the world is

18-Dec-2012 17:40 PM

Comment You have expressed the turmoil in our hearts; vividly. I am grateful to you.

We are being overpowered by self betrayal and self treacherousness; leading to indiscriminate violence towards self and others.Can different ways of self realization help us?

18-Dec-2012 05:15 AM

Comment Well composed poem analysing the causative factors and impact of gun culture prevalent in certain contexts.
In one of his novels Paul Scott observes" Perhaps, it is the weapon in his( a character ) hands that made him a criminal."
Who to punish: the weapon or the person?
Time for introspection and review the situation as it obtains.
I remember 'moral instruction classes.' in school.

Sony Dalia
18-Dec-2012 00:59 AM

Comment Extremely well expressed as compared to even the most emotive news stories. Nobody would ever defend violence and that of this kind, in any manner. We cannot discount the event by calling it a psychophants mania. However in Indian context where there are many contradictions of polity, though a creditworthy comparison cannot be drawn, but it would not be a surprise if someone from urban elites rises against state tyranny. Since most from ruling establishment would be out of reach, the resentment could get inflicted on the innocent. India too is living on edge.

Sanjay Chowdhary
16-Dec-2012 13:36 PM

Comment this is notan american problem alone, weaponry amongst people never is a good idea

jan oskar hansen
15-Dec-2012 12:19 PM

Comment The social fabric comprising everything of what we call modernity and modern living is to blame. But is there a way to put a brake to this culture of violence and how?

Nalinaksha Mutsuddi
15-Dec-2012 05:01 AM

Comment I saw it on TV
Man comes and man goes
I am reminded of poem by Narshih Divediya

Questions come to my mind why did they die?
What have they done in their previous life so that they died now
-What will they do in their next life?

We will discuss but what next?
At least have it heard world around.
Pray, they live in peace where eve they are

Pranlal Sheth
15-Dec-2012 03:05 AM

Comment Poignant. It is too early to conclude as the shooter is heard to autistic. Why on earth the country allows free ownership of guns I read it is increasing in India too!

15-Dec-2012 03:02 AM

Comment Ghastly! I wonder why in India, despite being a developing country, has no incident of this nature and why again and again, these incidents happen in the US. Its important for the country to look inward and find solution to this form of 'abnormal' behavior.

Very sad Rajendra ji! And annoying!

Julia Dutta
15-Dec-2012 02:58 AM

Comment Blame the "the American Gun Culture
that’s gone out of control?" The same culture is pervading India leading to daily killing of innocents for trivial causes by goons with access to weapons.

My Word
15-Dec-2012 01:29 AM

Comment This sickness is fast becoming contagious and parental apathy is certainly the most important causative. A beautiful poem on an ugly truth.

Asha Choubey
15-Dec-2012 00:11 AM

Comment Moving homage to the slaughtered innocence, parenthood and retreating filial love in a commodified culture where violence is considered macho by some and the only outlet for self-destructing self-expression and anger. Topical, yet ageless poetic meditation on gun-induced violence, youthful angst and loathing by some misfits. A bad indicator---such recurring mindless murder by campus/mall/public shooting--- of human progress and isolated existence!

Sunil Sharma
14-Dec-2012 23:25 PM

Comment Heart-rending and gut-wrenching!

Padmaja Iyengar
14-Dec-2012 23:25 PM

Comment Ghastly!

It is time a serious thought ought to be spared as to why such incidents are occurring with increasing frequency in American society. Popular art also exalted such gun culture as can be seen from the popularity of the Western and the mafiosi films. A re-orientation of the young must be a priority with more pro-societal value based education at the primary level.

Subhajit Ghosh
14-Dec-2012 22:55 PM


I strongly suspect that this is not America's problem alone. It's a world phenomenon, rearing its head in endlessly many disguises. Civilization, even as mankind defies barriers of technology, is itself at crossroads. I am not sure where we are headed.

14-Dec-2012 22:50 PM

Comment One of the saddest incidents. Expressed in most poignant words.

V.K. Joshi
14-Dec-2012 22:32 PM

Comment desperados! (:

Pavalamani Pragasam
14-Dec-2012 21:15 PM

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