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Womb for Sale

"Beautiful and fair preferred among surrogate mothers"
screams the headline in the daily
"Caste and religion also key factors while renting wombs"
are they creating homes, or preparing their own tombs?
Whose imprints will such progeny have?

It is believed that infant to an extent
has similarities with either of parent
one of its grandparents too,
more of the characteristics of these two persons
imprinted on its psyche.
All living beings hurry for food,
seek the company of the opposite sex
bring in progeny as xerox copies.
Ensure continuity of species while
struggling to survive amidst all odds.

Pressure for the perpetuation of the clan
a requisite for the soul to clear imprints,
thereby seeking help from a working partner
producing sons and daughters repeating the cycle
generation after generation, evolution continuous...
Child enters with good and bad of parents
and grandparents at the time of entry
the diversity and difference in siblings too,
in looks, mannerisms, actions, in behavior
reflecting the imprints etched in the seed
at the time of conception.

In the Mahabharata, Vyasa was responsible for
the birth of Dhritarastra, Pandu and Vidura
the mothers were different - their characteristics
predominant in the sons and their lineage.
Babies of surrogate mothers may be born
healthy and chubby and fair and beautiful,
Would they grow up into mature individuals
responsible citizens or add on to the
already confused world which is
full of suicides, accidents, murders, scams
corruptions, lesbianiasm, homosexuality
physical and mental disabilities?

Will they be assets in the evolving World?
It is a wait and watch!

(These lines have been taken from TGN’s Practical Philosophy for Peace and Prosperity-A Compendium.: "The interpersonal relationship between husband and wife is categorically defined as 'friendship' by Sage Tiruvalluvar, who was a model householder, even as he was an exemplary ascetic. In a telling couplet, he says 'The friendship that subsists between this damsel and me is similar to that between the physical body and life energy". Friendship is that which comes to your aid instantly and relieves you of distress, even as your hand goes to hold up your garment if it becomes loosened. Should not these criteria constitute the basis of husband and wife relationship too? Would not these principles ensure harmony in married if practised from day one? Should not our young men and women be provided this guidance even on the day of matrimony?

"The friendship between the physical body and life energy is not different in any way from (the nature of) the act of the chick (young bird) that flies away, leaving behind the egg shell that housed it." Remember, here the bird is the life energy and the egg shell it leaves behind is the physical body, now designated by the word 'corpse.' The life needs the body for a particular purpose and that is to clear the imprints it had collected on itself through the generations. "When a physical body, through wear and tear, is rendered unfit for this job of clearance, the life has to quit that body (egg shell) and take wind (like bird). thus does the human continue to journey from generation to generation." What is the application of this comparison to conjugal relationship, you may ask. Well, both bride and bridegroom are in the same boat in that they are repositories of imprints handed down by their respective ancestors (that is how we get the good and bad from our parents and our grandparents). The life energy of each of them, which is all Consciousness, realizes he and she would not be able to clear the load in the present span, and so working partners (sons and daughter) are brought in as progeny. Valluvar's point here is that both husband and wife need each other for only this purpose of clearing their imprints. And so all their thoughts and deeds should be tailored to fulfil this aim and goal of life.

Disharmony in family would disrupt the mission and hence the indispensability of 'friendship in married life" …….)


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