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The 'Gang Rape' Continues...

Both Houses of our Parliament as one rose
To condemn the latest gang rape
That happened under their collective nose
While the country watched agape...!
A ‘Star’ MP known for her great histrionics
Was so moved by her own melodramatics...
That her “helplessness” made her “break down”,
That raised many an eyebrow in frown!
While the victim struggles for life in a ventilator,
For the media she has become a newsy ‘matter’,
For tweets, morchas and analyses by ‘expert’ panels
That enhance the TRPs of several news channels...!
See *Shonali Mukheree’s acid-burnt face
And you’ll not be able to sleep for days..!
Of what use is reconstructive surgery...?
Will it help the victim forget the savagery..?
How can the courts so sadly fail
By letting off the rapists on bail,
Obtained through a legal farce
That overlooks the victims’ scars..?
Some sane voices suggest a fast track,
To build up cases without any crack,
So that the perpetrators get punishment
That is both  exemplary and stringent!
I had prayed for **Baby Falak’s death...
The latest incident stops my breath!
Once again, I sincerely pray
That God takes the victim away!
Meanwhile, women and girls move about
Teased and gang-raped, without a doubt!
Some cover their faces like a terrorist
Fearing if they’re next on the ‘hit’ list...!


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More By  :  Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy

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