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An Elegy on the Sad Demise of a Sitar Virtuoso


Harmonious melodies mesmerized me on that magical night,
when Pandit Ravi Shankar’s feathery fingers
strummed the silver-stringed Sitar,
and Ragas from his plucked stringed instrument
wafted like musical clouds in my yearning ears.
Quivering chords of Sitar reverberated in my soul’s silent shrine
while nostalgic notes echoed enchantingly throughout
the heart’s hallway of the  music lovers,
Lotus flowers bloomed in the pool of my euphoric mind
and blissful Bougainvillea creeper entwined me
caressing my frenzied body pores like a lustful lover.
Alas! No more is legendary Sitar maestro
the classical sun of Indian music has set forever.
India’s heart aches at the everlasting loss of
a unique and a blessed soul,
and equally a loss to the world of music, too.
There will never ever be any other musical genius like him.
His iconic innovative musical collaboration with Beatles and
Yehudi Menuhin took him to new heights of rhythmic extravaganza.
His unconventional divine music led him to a melodious journey
that commenced from the banks of sacred Ganges and landed in USA.
Nominated for Oscars, decorated with three Grammys
and knighthood by Britain, he was conferred with
highest civilian honours of France and India.
An era has passed away and though we shall mourn
his abrupt departure, paying tribute to his humility,
he will always remain immortal,
enshrined in the hearts of his admirers
throughout the planet and will continue
to sprinkle splendor in
all the countless damp eyes!
Image © Bharat B. Trivedi


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